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When you operate an electric vehicle, you will need some basic knowledge regarding EVs and EV charging solutions, as there are different ways to charge your vehicle. In general, there are two types of charging for electric vehicles: AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current). The three main forms of EV charging are classified as follows.

Level 1 (Slow Charging) 

Charging from a standard socket using a portable charging cable. This is the slowest level of charging. 

Level 2 (Fast Charging)

Charging from an AC charging station at home or in public. This method uses EV-specific plugs and stations and is usually much faster than level-1 charging.

Level 3 (Rapid Charging)

Charging from a DC charger. Stations of this size and speed are generally only available on selected public networks or for commercial use. DC charging is much more powerful, delivering full charges in as little as 30-45 minutes.

The time it takes to charge an electric vehicle depends on the type of EV charger used. The higher the level, the faster the charging.

Most EVs come with a charger, and when installing it, it is advised to consult a professional rather than attempting to do it by yourself. This allows you to avoid any complex safety and regulatory issues that come with installing an EV charging solution. Whether you want to install it at home or in your business, as with any form of electrical work, it is best to leave it to the experts. Here are some of the reasons why you should hire EV charging installers rather than doing it yourself.

1. Safety

In order to charge your vehicle as intended, EV chargers need to transmit a high quantity of electricity. As a result, if the installation goes wrong and the safety and performance of your charger are jeopardised, you and anyone around you may be in danger. Therefore, to prevent the risk of fire and electric shocks, always have an expert install your EV charging station.

2. Complex Regulations 

Another reason to hire a professional EV charging installer is to ensure that your system complies with the regulations governing EV charging stations. While some laws appear to be obvious, others require more specialised expertise. In Singapore, the Electric Vehicles Charging Act 2022 regulates the provision of safe and reliable charging of electric vehicles, as well as the expansion of EV charging infrastructure.

3. Certificate of Compliance 

When qualified professionals install your EV charging station, they will typically present you with a copy of the certificate of compliance. This document serves as legal evidence that your charger was properly installed and is safe to use. Furthermore, it can help you qualify for insurance payouts if any issues arise in the future.

4. Service Quality 

One of the most significant reasons you should hire professionals to install EV charging stations is their quality of service. When choosing an installer, search for one that provides comprehensive packages rather than just installing. Their services often include everything from professional guidance and analysis to post-installation assistance. As it is a significant investment, ensure that you receive the best value for your money.

KED Energy – Your Trusted EV Charging Solutions Provider in Singapore 

If you are seeking reliable professionals for EV charger installation, KED Energy is the place to go. KED Energy is a Singapore-based firm that specialises in electric vehicle charging and offers associated products and services. We provide a selection of EV charging stations, ranging in capacity from 22kW to 360kW, suited for residential, commercial and fleet requirements. When it comes to EV-related services, from consultation and installation to operation and maintenance, we have got you covered. KED Energy is committed to empowering our clients through the sustainable integration of energy and electrical solutions. To find out which EV charger is ideal for you and how to go about installing it, reach out to us today!