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Our World

is what we do

Our generation is facing an energy and technological transition. In the new world, connectivity is enabled through electricity.

With rising calls for sustainability, the use of effective electrical solutions is essential to decarbonise and achieve positive climate impact for our world.

At KED Energy Pte. Ltd., we keep energy flowing. We empower all by integrating and bridging energy and electrical solutions sustainably.

We are your partner for connectivity, reliability and sustainability.

Energising Our World

is what we do


that run on excellence

Kyo Ei Denko Pte Ltd is the parent company of KED Energy Pte. Ltd., KED Energy Pte Ltd specialises in EV charging. It is brought to life by leveraging the electrical engineering expertise of its parent company, with its business principles unchanged.

Established in 2002, Kyo Ei Denko Pte Ltd is a BCA-certified ME05 L5 electrical engineering company specialising in Building Construction electrical work. We have completed over 100 projects to date and counting and worked with countless companies from private and government agencies in Commercial, Cleanrooms, Factory, Plant, and Infrastructure such as SMRT, LTA, and CAG.

Building Circuits

       that run on excellence

Our Team

Kelvin Phan
Managing Director

“We aspire to do our part for decarbonisation as a leading provider of EV charging solutions.”

Felicia Lua

“Our provision of vehicle-charging infrastructure for business and homes will be crucial for a carbon-free future.”

Toong Ka Leong
Project Manager

“From planning to coordination and execution, we place a strong emphasis on running projects smoothly with efficiency.”

Sean Capili
Project Manager

“The resounding success
of the Tesla superchargers installation project at Star Vista inspires us to do better.”