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EV Charger Installation Case Study at Wisma Atria

This case study examines the challenges encountered while installing EV chargers at Wisma Atria


KED Energy Pte Ltd recently completed a project to install EV DC chargers at Wisma Atria Shopping Mall in collaboration with ChargEco. The deployment schedule posed a significant challenge, as the installation had to be completed swiftly to minimize disruptions to the mall’s daily operations. Our project team implemented a meticulous timeline, coordinating with the mall management and other stakeholders to ensure a seamless workflow.

One of the major technical challenges involved the laying of new cables to the existing electrical infrastructure of the mall, which included hacking work at designated hours only. This required a deep understanding of the mall’s existing electrical system, showcasing the technical prowess of the installation team. The successful deployment and integration of the EV DC chargers attest to the technical proficiency and adaptability of KED Energy’s installation team.

KED Energy’s installation of EV DC chargers at Wisma Atria Shopping Mall stands as a testament to our commitment to advancing sustainable energy solutions. Overcoming a tight schedule and technical challenges, the project underscores the importance of innovative thinking and expertise in implementing cutting-edge technology for a greener future.

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