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Electric Vehicle Charging Modes

Mode 1

Mode 1 refers to the charging household outlet with a simple extender cable without any safety devices in between. This mode is very unpopular and mass manufacturers no longer use it, as the lead is always live. This mode of charging is not approved in Singapore.

Mode 2

Mode 2 is also known as a portable electric vehicle charger. The built-in charger inside the car converts AC to DC and controls the battery charging. In addition, we can plug this electric vehicle charging mode lead into a standard outlet (usually 15A-16Α) and requires 14-16 hours of charging for a full battery capacity, depending on the size of the battery.

Mode 3

It is a fixed-point AC charger for residential or light commercial use. This Mode 3 can be used in two ways. For example, a charging cable can be directly attachable to the charging unit or it can be a detachable cable that you can carry in the vehicle and then plug it into the charging unit. Using Mode 3 the battery will charge in 4-9 hours.

Mode 4

Mode 4-fixed point DC charger. In other words, ‘fast-charger’, Mode 4 is the fastest way to charge your electric vehicle. Fast charging stations are more pricey, which is why they are often public. Also, not all-electric cars endorse it. This mode charges the car to 80% in an hour on average. 

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