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Electric vehicles are growing in popularity due to their eco-friendliness, efficiency and low operating costs. One of the main benefits of purchasing an EV is the ability to charge it at home. However, it is critical to purchase the approved home charger to be installed by a qualified professional installer.

Whether you already own an electric vehicle or are thinking about purchasing one, home EV charging will be a significant aspect of your automobile maintenance. So, here’s how to pick the best home charging station for your EV. 

Types of Home EV Chargers 

AC EV chargers, which are classified as Level 1 and Level 2 chargers, are mainly used for charging electric vehicles at home.

Automobile manufacturers typically provide vehicle owners with a Level 1 charger at the time of purchase. However, this mode of charging is not approved in Singapore as there is a safety concern. Instead, using a Level 2 EV charger has proven to be a wise and practical investment. This is because Level 2 charging stations work faster, alleviating range anxiety and logistical concerns by making owners less reliant on charging on the go.

Where to Place the Home Charging Station?

First, consider your parking space, which could either be your garage or outdoors. This is important as not all home charging stations are weather-resistant. Depending on how intense the climate is, the level of resistance among weather-proof units can also vary. Therefore, if you live in an area where your EV is exposed to heavy rains or intense heat, it is better to select a home charging station that is weather-resistant. 

Another factor to consider when installing a charging station at home is the length of the cable, which differs from unit to unit. While keeping your parking space in mind, carefully determine where you intend to install the charging station to ensure the cable is long enough to reach the port on your EV.

How to Match the Charging Station with Your Lifestyle? 

In other countries, some EV owners often travel for work or visit home weekly, and a portable charging station may be preferable to a hard-wired and permanently mounted unit. However, do note that portable chargers are not approved in Singapore due to safety concerns. In any case, their differences are as follows.

1. Hard-Wired and Permanently-Mounted 

When permanently mounting a home EV charging station, it is directly connected to the electric panel via a wire. Their installation is often considered cleaner, and they are best suited for drivers who lead sedentary lives. These charging stations are also difficult to steal due to the way they are installed. 

2. Portable

These charging stations are hung on the wall and plugged into an outlet. You will have to ensure that it is compatible with the wall receptacle. Some homes may already have a receptacle where the station will be installed, making it simple to match. However, if there is no outlet, you can have one installed by an electrician to match the plug you purchase. This type of charger is not approved for use in Singapore. 

Other Aspects to Consider Before Selection


1. Cable Management

Some charging stations include a holster or a hook to secure the cable and connector in place. It keeps things safe and prevents your garage from becoming overly cluttered.

2. Functionality and Reliability

Although it ultimately comes down to personal preference, keep in mind the functionality and reliability of the charger. 

Looking for the Best Home EV Charging Stations in Singapore? 

Whether you are seeking home EV charging stations or EV charger installation services, KED is here to assist you. Our company specialises in EV charging equipment and services, including Tesla EV home chargers. We are also a certified installer of Tesla wall connectors in Singapore. Along with a selection of EV charging stations for residential use, we also offer EV charger-related services ranging from consultation to maintenance. If you need help finding the perfect solution for a home EV charging station or installing one, reach out to us at +65 6468 2536 today!

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